Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The New Government

Complete list here. Hortefeux at Interior--loyalty counts for something, I guess. And Pierre Lellouche can finally put away his jar of vaseline and break out the champagne: he's got European Affairs. One oddity: Lellouche favors Turkey's entry into the EU. Sarko of course doesn't.

I guess Bruno Le Maire has been pro(de)moted with the move to "Food, Agriculture and Fishing," which may carry a minister's portfolio but isn't quite up there in my mind. Payback for Villepin's latest digs against Sarko? Loyalty can count against you, too (Le Maire is a Villepin protégé). On the other hand, Minister of Agriculture can be a good career-builder for a French pol, particular one from Normandy.

More here.

UPDATE: Jean Quatremer agrees with me on Le Maire/Lellouche.

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Cincinna said...

Art, you neglected to mention the biggest coup and the biggest surprise...the nomination of Frederic Mitterrand as Minister of Culture.

This certainly has the Left, and the PS in particular, fuming and ranting against Sarko.

Mitterrand,the nephew of the late Socialist President Francois Mitterrand, is a well known and very well liked figure on the French cultural scene. He is a writer, film maker, TV personality, and video biorapher. His latest post was Director of La Villa Medicis. the French Cultural center in Rome.

I remember his late night, long into the night. talk show when I was a student in Paris.

Du Cote du Chez Fred was one of my all time favorites.

Brilliant conversation on every topic from fashion to cinema to theatre and ballet, politics, and his specialty, Royalty.