Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Short Break

There will be a brief hiatus in blogging. I'm off to Washington, DC. The U. S. Government, in its wisdom, has decided to consult me on the subject of French domestic politics. Imagine: now they'll know what you know, and they're paying for what you get for free. Back Friday night.


Daniel said...


MYOS said...

If I say awesome, does it look like I copied off daniel?
Seriously: glad they picked someone who knows what he's talking about. :)

MYOS said...

What did the goverment want to know? Were you alone asked to come or were there a handful of experts? What did you answer their questions?
... anything you can tell us? :p

Unknown said...

There were, in addition to me, six other people who gave prepared remarks, four from outside the government and two from inside. The audience comprised about a dozen analysts working for various agencies of the government. The discussion covered subjects such as social integration, the status of Sarkozy's reforms, labor unions, social movements, the state of the political parties, recent and upcoming elections, and entrepreneurship in France. It was a good exchange of views among well-informed people.