Thursday, July 16, 2009

Aubry v. Valls, Round Two

There are some rumblings from deep within the bowels of the Socialist Party against Aubry's threatened purge of Valls. Some of the local barons (Collomb, Guérini, Mignard) are unhappy, as are some of the "quadras," the party's young Turks. Here is yet another sign that the party's crisis is multidimensional, at once a quarrel of personalities, a struggle for the presidential nomination, an ideological split, but also a structural crisis, in which the central organization has repeatedly been shown to be an autonomous but ineffectual head atop an increasingly independent body. The local powers that have been shut out of national influence, and the younger generation that has found its ambitions blocked, are growing increasingly restive.

Other signs. Laurent Bouvet's take.

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