Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Extreme Right

A new book on the extreme right in postwar France is reviewed here.


Anonymous said...

A book on the extreme right that excludes the monarchists? Maurras? Action Francaise? They are pretty key players, no? I remember when I was growing up in the western suburbs of Paris in the 1980's -- hotbed of rightwing sentiment -- frequently seeing monarchist graffitti and leaflets around. They and the fascists would occasionally have streetfights with the "Redskins" (left skinheads) and the SCALP (Societe Carrement Anti Le Pen). Still, looks like the book is worthwhile reading for French political junkies.

Unknown said...

In the postwar years, Maurras and the Action Française were waning references, and the monarchists were not the center of action. I haven't read the book, so perhaps there is a bit of teleological fallacy--the Front National gained dominance here, so how did it emerge, and so many leaders of today's "respectable right" came of the extreme groupuscules of the 60s and 70s that they no doubt claim a good deal of attention as well. It will be interesting to see how the author handles the continuity or lack of it between these groups and the extreme right of the interwar period.