Monday, July 13, 2009

Heeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny!

The new minister of culture, fresh from overseeing the glory that was Rome, will have as his first mission--or perhaps his second, after overseeing the resurrection of the HADOPI Law--the apotheosis of Johnny Hallyday, of whose person Sarko has decided to make a gift to the French on Bastille Day. Of course, Johnny, who moved to Belgium and Switzerland to avoid paying French taxes, is the sort of patriot who will donate his talents gratis to a national occasion like this--or, actually, not quite gratis, but he's doing this concert for 700,000 people for the mere pittance of 30,000 euros. What a handsome gesture to la patrie. Perhaps Johnny was feeling a little jealous of all the hoopla surrounding the death of Michael Jackson.

M. Mitterrand has thrown himself into the task with gusto, apparently. His eagerness to cater to the whims of his master shows that he was, truly, the man for the job. Christine Albanel had demonstrated some reluctance to go along with the ukase from the palace. Not Mitterrand. And anyway, the cleanup costs will be deferred to the city of Paris, which happens to be run by a Socialist, while Sarko gets to demonstrate the wisdom of his enlargement of the tax shield, which was generous enough to lure Johnny back from his vacation in tax-shelter country. Win-win.


Unknown said...

What I like here is the continuity. Jacques Chirac was (and is) a world connaisseur of "les arts premiers". Nicolas Sarkozy is a connaisseur of "les arts primitifs".

MYOS said...

LOL - thanks, Art, for the post, and thanks, Bernard, for the comment!