Friday, July 24, 2009

Laurent the Fabulous

Bernard G. spins out a plausible scenario for Fabius to claw his way back to the top. If I liked Fabius better, I might be cheered. Still, the possibility cannot be ruled out, and there are perhaps worse fates that could befall the Socialist Party (and, indeed, it seems to be trying them out one at a time). And a screenwriter might find the journey from power to desert and back an irresistible plot line with a most pleasant arc.


bert said...

Excellent. Europhobia.
Just what the PS need.

Some ground glass in your shit sandwich?

Unknown said...

You think Fabius is genuinely Europhobic? In my view, he seized that issue opportunistically, because he needed it to differentiate himself from presidential rivals at the time. His only hope was to make himself the champion of anti-Europe and wait for the No to sweep to victory. Opportunism is my chief gripe against him (along with personality), but if he were to come out on top, I believe he'd prove to be a garden-variety moderate "social European."

bert said...

How do we distinguish between authentic and inauthentic europhobia? Is the authentic type rightwing and xenophobic?

Then Fabius is, as you say, not genuine. His anti-Europeanism is an extension of his populist critique of economic liberalism. In the UK we have an old left fossil called Tony Benn - stylistically a world apart from Fabius - who dismisses Brussels as an antidemocratic conspiracy between bureaucrats and capitalists. Calling him a europhobe would need to be explained, too, since it's not what people generally understand by it. Maybe we need different words to distinguish the left and right wing variants.

That debate aside, I take your point that Fabius, in addition to being not geniune, may also be not sincere.

Anonymous said...

imo, Fabius is whatever it takes to become president. Such that it'd be more appropriate to refer to Machiavelli as a Fabusian rather than tarnish poor ole Niccolo's good name by saying Fabius is Machiavellian.
Fabius is the new "florentin" as they use to call Mitterand.
that being said, the idea of him becoming the candidate for the PS in 2012 is fascinating.

Chris P.