Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Long Agony Continues

Bakchich opines that the PS has become a "federation of baronies" and that Martine Aubry has been forced to allow the local barons a free hand in selecting their own lists for upcoming regional elections, ignoring the usual balance of courants. And the Socialists may well lose many of the regions they now control (20 of 22), further increasing the pressure on Aubry.

Despite this, a close advisor of Martine Aubry informs me directly and unequivocally that "Martine is a rock" and "will win in the end." Pay no attention to all those "wretched French journalists" who "understand nothing about politics." You read it here first, folks.


Tom Holzman said...

If she is "rock" in the bay surrounding Mont St. Michel, she will find the tide coming in and covering her quite fast and suddenly.

MYOS said...

Sounds like she's lost already.
And how does "being a rock" help anything?

Unknown said...

I guess that I have to state the obvious: for a Party that controls 20 regions out of 22, there is no uppside, only a downside.