Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Popular Front

The NPA and Parti de Gauche may join forces for the regionals. Talks are under way. The question then would be what line this popular front would take toward alliance with the PS in the second round.

Could this alliance force the PS to clarify its thinking? Are there more votes to be gained in the center (as I believe) than on the left? In any case, the European elections seem to have galvanized the left of the left. The left front turned out to be little more than the rump of the Communist Party with a trickle of new votes from Mélenchon and friends. And the NPA didn't break out of the LCR ghetto. My guess is that combining forces won't win them many votes over their combined total and may even lose a few (what will the hard-core Trots in the NPA make of an alliance with the PCF?). This is electoralist politics of the sort that Mélenchon et cie. left the Socialists in order to leave behind them. Its only virtue is to strengthen the hand of the extreme left in negotiations with the PS. And who in the extreme left really thinks that's a goal worth winning?


Leo said...

If that happens it will put a final nail in the coffin of Mitterand's PS.
What will be left will have to redefine itself as a Social Democratic party.
It is unlikely this will be possible for a while. Lack of clear leadership, fractious habits, absence of a centrist party to forge an alliance with, everything points to an easy re-election of Sarkozy 3 years from now.
The open question is whether DSK has what it takes to bide his time and turn up as a social democrat unifying figure à la Mitterand.

MYOS said...

I'd stop hoping for a DSK return: he was very clear that he will not go through another round of primaries, he wants the title handed out to him or he won't compete at all. Since all signs point to a primary, exit DSK.
In addition, I'm really not sure he'd have much more credit than the current PS non-leaders (we have Martine Aubry who' official leader but doesn"t lead and Segolene Royal who is not the official leader thus can"t appear to be leading lest she be accused of treason, plus a handful of hopeful - Valls, Peillon, Moscovici...- who are too unprepared to be known from the public and/or to seem legitimate to voters.