Saturday, July 25, 2009

PS Finistère: Great Leap Forward

The Finistère federation of the PS has voted to eliminated the cumul des mandats and impose full parity on its lists. It is the first PS federation in the country to do so.

A party short of innovative policy prescriptions can still distinguish itself by proposing internal reforms. There has long been anti-cumul and pro-parité sentiment in the PS, and the Finistère federation has finally acted on it. Is this a Great Leap Forward? I think not, though less multiple office holding and more women on the ticket would both be healthy developments. Still, in today's PS, we have to take signs of life where we find them.

(For the record, I think the cumul des mandats should be ruled out as a matter of law, whereas I have always been opposed to legally mandated gender parité, even in the limited form that now exists. The parties should actively seek to promote candidacies by women and minorities, but not under legal mandate.)


Unknown said...

It is not a legal mandate but an internal rule of one federation of the PS. Isn't it inspire by the same spirit as what you describe?

Unknown said...

True for full parity as in Finistère, but there is also legally mandated parity with a fine for noncompliance. I would prefer, even in the case of the party's internal policy, to see parity as a natural result rather than imposed by the rules.