Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sarko Hospitalized

The president is in hospital after suffering a "malaise" while engaged in "sport." That's all that's known for the moment.

UPDATE: Nicolas Sarkozy appears to have suffered a vasovagal syncope. There is "no danger and no treatment," according to Libération.


kirkmc said...

Yea, that "malaise vagal" seems to be a catch-all in France for anything they can't or don't want to explain. Since Sarkozy has migraines, he's at a higher risk for seizures than the normal population. I wonder...

TexExile said...

Maybe, Kirk, but the image of Sarko passing out while jogging is so Carter-esque that one wonders what such an embarrassing story could be covering up.

Having observed Sarko jogging a time or two in my neighbourhood back when he was interior minister, I find it hard to imagine that he could pass out from such activity. He was not exactly a speed demon. Indeed, I've seen Dutch Elm disease move faster.