Friday, July 17, 2009

Sarkozy in the Big Apple

Ah, it seems so long ago, that first summer at Lake Winnepasaukee, Carla Cécilia at this side, Rachida to keep him company, George Bush waiting at the grill, l'angine blanche, the jogging in the woods, the impromptu news conferences, the love handles lovingly airbrushed out of the photo spread in Match ...

The president is back in the US, but instead of chowing down on hot dogs with the Bushes he's having a "political lunch" with Ban Ki-Moon at the consulate. Carla will be joining Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin in a memorial concert for Nelson Mandela. It's all so very international. What happened to "Sarkozy l'Américain?" And no meeting with Obama? Truly, there seem to be no atomes crochus between these two, although Matt Drudge and Gawker did try to make it seem as if they shared at least one passionate interest in common. The film of the occasion proved, however, that Obama got a bum rap (forgive the pun). Sarko's interest appears to have been genuine, however (sorry, you'll have to bear with the commercial before getting to the point).

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