Saturday, July 18, 2009

Socialist Bloodletting Continues

The latest salvo is from Julien Dray, who may have reasons of his own for resenting Martine Aubry but who is nevertheless right about the fiasco of her first few months as leader.


bert said...

Seen this, Arthur?

Denouncing socialism in the house journal of the City of London. Clue me in: how does this help him inside the PS?

Unknown said...

I think he believes that the PS has to be destroyed in order to be saved. The party as presently configured cannot win a presidential election. Valls hopes to appeal to a new contingent of voters and to reconstitute a majority prepared, as he puts it in this piece, to recognize the inevitability of a capitalist order. He may be wrong, but he is forthright in stating what he wants. Such clarity has been lacking in the PS, and Valls' presence in the debate could serve to sharpen the positions of others.

bert said...

Destroyed in order to be saved?
Here in London everyone's saying we need more helicopters to "win" in Afghanistan.
Wait long enough and even Vietnam gets a nostalgia revival.

Judging from your response, I gather Valls is now seen by party stalwarts as an external assailant rather than an internal critic. He's running for the Presidency as an independent. Presumably his tenure as a Socialist deputy continues because the factional splits make decisive action against him tricky.

Or have I read this wrong? Does he speak for a group within the party? (Feel free to respond only when new developments demand it - I don't want to impose upon you.)