Thursday, August 27, 2009

Leader of the Herd

When the herd starts moving in one direction, the leader had better put herself in front of it. Apparently, Martine Aubry got the message: there will be some sort of primary to choose a presidential candidate of ... what? The Left? The PS? The PS and some partner(s) to be named later? And it will be an "open" primary, we are assured. Open to whom remains to be seen. "There will be "open primaries to choose the candidate of our party," Aubry said. And what if the candidates of other parties choose to avail themselves of this openness?

Less noticed in Aubry's statement was the preceding clause: among the changes in the party rules necessary to "reinvent democracy" (no less!), Aubry lists "le non-cumul des mandats." That will shake things up a bit.

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