Sunday, August 30, 2009

Respite for Aubry?

The French media are describing the PS Summer School at La Rochelle as a success for Aubry, though for the life of me I can't understand why. Her success seems rather like the "success" of François Hollande for so many years, which has left the party in the predicament in which it finds itself now. That is, she managed to avoid an overt explosion of the factions by going with the flow: yes to primaries. More promises of the famous and indefinitely postponed "renovation." Smiles for Ségo. No more talk of expulsions and purges (where was Valls this weekend?). But substance? Policy? Nada. Unless I've missed something.

And from the Right, we have the comment that Aubry "rejects the carbon tax of the Right." Hmm. But the carbon tax of the Right is actually a watered-down version of the carbon tax proposed by the Rocard Commission (and surely the now officially "open" PS still has room for Rocard, no?), modified to meet the expressed desiderata of the Left (compensation to the poor and to rural residents who use more fuel), hence less effective "sur le plan écologique." So what is the Left's proposal? On that, nada.

The Right pushes back.

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