Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Small Business

Politicians like to extol the virtues of small business. Those mom-and-pop businesses and their grown-up cousins--what the French call PME--are so much fuzzier and friendlier than MegaBehemoth Manufacturing International, Inc. And small businesses are often credited with being the dynamic job creators, the cutting-edge pioneers who develop new products and technologies.

But are these myths true? Not so much--not for the US and not for France, and France in this respect is much closer to the US than many people believe, to judge by the statistics in this paper. (h/t Paul Krugman)


Cincinna said...

Why are you listening to Krugman? He has never run anything in his life. Not a business, not a company,not an office,nothing.

Krugman has a personal political agenda that is anti-business, anti-growth,anti-capitalist, and way out of the mainstream of American political thinking.

Get out into America and get in touch with the real America where family owned and run businesses, including small farms, restaurants, construction, retail, are the backbone of communities and employ millions of people.

I am a small business owner and I employ 4 people. My Dad is a doctor and runs a small business, a private medical practice, employing 12 people. My in-laws are small business owners, and their family business has been in business for almost 100 years. They employ 50+ people.

Many immigrants are small business owners or employed by small businesses.

Anonymous said...

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