Friday, September 11, 2009

Hortefeux Scandal Roundup

Azouz Begag sees a lying minister and a violation of the law. Le Monde editorial sees a betrayal of the values of the Republic. Reconstruction of the exchange. Another. Partisan polemics.

Le Monde, while claiming to defend republican values, wants to play down the episode, which, says Eric Fottorino, took place in a "bon enfant" setting and represents yet another unfortunate intrusion upon the "privacy" of public officials characteristic of our degraded age. Perhaps so, but the words of the Minister of the Interior are all the more shocking because they exhibit the cavalier contempt that he exhibits in private for a substantial number of his constituents. And his subsequent denials attest to an equally cavalier contempt for the truth. Sarkozy should fire him.


Arun said...

Begag may be correct but, as a 'villepiniste de choc', he's hardly a disinterested commentator on anything having to do with this government.

Anonymous said...

I'm of a mind to think that Sarkozy is estimating the gain or loss of votes this will result in for the upcoming "régionales". There are a good number of MPF or FN-leaning voters who either find no offense or approve Hortefeux's remarks. And, I think, few borderline centrists or independents who would reject Sarkozy's UMP out of solidarity for an affronted minority or disgust with such overt racism at the ministerial level.

Chris P.

Mr Punch said...

From my American perspective, and in American terminology, the remark was not exactly "racist." What it was, certainly in form and at least technically in content, was antisemitic.

MYOS said...

The video was shot by the Public Sénat TV crew that was following the minister around. He knew he was being filmed when he made the "joke", but he trusted the TV channel managers to edit it out. Which they did - Gilles Leclerc has very good explanations as to why the footage was not used on Sunday (no news) but no real explanation as to why he did not use it for the Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday news. Nor why, instead of broadcasting it on Thursday, when it'd hit the news cycle, he chose to invite Brice Hortefeux to debunk the blasphemous video (without showing it).
We also see the "context": "he's our little Arab. He's assimilated, he's Catholic" says a woman who then pets the young man.
Who, by the way, is not Auvergnat at all, but from Dax.

Dominique Paillé said it was yet another example of how nefarious the internet is, what with all these people watching whatever they want without the proper framing. Obviously it's all a smear campaign started by the leftists.