Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sirinelli on the Right

Historian Jean-François Sirinelli considers the achievement of the UMP in establishing itself as a unified party of the Right. He is inclined to give much of the credit to Nicolas Sarkozy. He makes a persuasive case, although I would place much greater stress than he does on changes in the ideological climate. The demise of communism, the decline of Marxism as an intellectual force, the rise of neoliberalism and its attendant shifts in conservative understandings of the role of the state in managing the economy--all are important factors. Sirinelli's discussion raises the interesting question of why the Right has been able to achieve unity while the Left has not. I would stress sociocultural factors: the Left must bridge the gap between a culture of management and a culture of confrontation, whereas the Right is built upon a culture of order to which even its working-class elements subscribe. Insecurity and immigration--the most potent of the perceived threats to order--are therefore important factors in establishing right-wing solidarity.

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MYOS said...

order is even better when it's pre-ordainted by communication gurus:
roadblocks + "volunteer" workers (i.e, interest, i.e, at least mildly pro-Nicolas Sarkozy - dissent was discouraged, we are told) + bused in crowd+ selected individuals based on height -- that last one is hilarious in its own right, how can a president be that insecure?
This is either a fake report or a moderate scandal: "President chooses people on specific criteria in order to have images pretend he's still liked AND that he's tall."