Monday, October 19, 2009

"Garçon de qualité"

When Frédéric Mitterrand's sexual proclivities were in the news, there was some discussion of his use of the word "garçon" to describe his partners. Just how old were they? It was authoritatively (and correctly) stated that the word garçon is often applied to men in the prime of life by their seniors. And now we have proof:

"C'est un garçon de qualité, sympathique, que je connais depuis très longtemps", a-t-il dit.

That's the judgment of Jean Sarkozy, age 23, by Claude Leroi, head of the chamber of commerce of Hauts-de-Seine. And a good thing for young Sarko, too, because Leroi just happens to be the tie-breaking vote in the election of the head of EPAD, should the government representatives on the board abstain from voting, as Luc Chatel suggested yesterday they might.

There's no question that Jean Sarkozy is of legal age to do whatever he likes with whomever he likes. So that settles that.

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David A. Bell said...

In the eighteenth century, at least, "garçon" was often used to mean "fellow," and could apply even to the elderly.