Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lycée Reform

Sarkozy's announcement follows the recommendations of Richard Descoings: rehabilitate the L track (with an emphasis on "language" rather than "literature"), more guidance for students, more flexibility of choice, including midterm changes.


MYOS said...

Considering they keep cutting the numbers of hours per week students have for language - in the US, if you study a foreign language, it's 5 times a week, not twice, as is currently the norm in French lycées, with 3 hours only for two "filières!" - I don't see how kids can "become bilingual" unless they pay for lots of out-of-class tutoring.

The "passerelle pendant les vacances" doesn't seem very logical: it looks like what they do in universities, except I doubt you'll find anyone willing to work over their Christmas break so that they can change branches, not to mention finding the teachers....
(in universities, it takes place in February, since the first semester ends mid-January, but in high school, the first term ends mid-November and the first semester ends for Christmas break...)

Mr Punch said...

In the US, all secondary school language courses move half as fast as all college language courses (2 years in high school = 1 year in college) -- this despite the fact that language acquisition peaks early. Is this (or something like it) true in France? If so, I'm sure there's room for improvement.

Meanwhile Sarko continues to oppose literature.