Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mitterrand: More Trouble

I regret having made this post. For my reasons, and an explanation of why I haven't taken it down, see here.

As if the minister of culture didn't have enough trouble, his name has been associated with a film involving sex and unambiguously underage children. Here is the IMDB entry: note the name of the narrator. If this is not somehow a hoax, I wager that Mitterrand is done, and now the Elysee will have to answer for incompetence: Why was this not discovered before his nomination?

Here's the clip (link removed at request of Philippe Barassat: see comments, and see below for legal link).

NOTE: The link above is to the site, identified here as "le site phare de la fachosphère" (as the name fdesouche might suggest):

Le site phare de la "fachosphère" (mouvance regroupant blogs et sites d'extrême-droite) ne lâche pas sa proie. Le 2 octobre, il met en ligneMon copain Rachid (vidéo supprimée de YouTube depuis, les droits n'étant pas libres), un court-métrage de Philippe Barassat sorti en 1995, où Frédéric Mitterrand fait la voix off. Le film raconte les liens troubles entre deux jeunes garçons, Eric et Rachid. Une nouvelle preuve, selon le site, des penchants pédophiles de Frédéric Mitterrand.
I hope I haven't been duped here, but my information came from someone who is most definitely on the left, not part of the "fachosphère," and the film appears to exist.

More here. The version of the film with Mitterrand doing la voix off can be seen here.

In view of the note from Philippe Barassat (see comments), I have removed the link to the Web site and redirected to the legal site he recommends.


Cincinna said...

Extremely disturbing film. If anyone had any doubts about Fred, politically, il est cuit.

Although Mitterrand's comments are somewhat ambiguous, the clearly erotic images of young boys are not. A very clear picture of exploitation of a ten year oild boy is portrayed.

The sexual exploitation of children in the name of "art" is just another excuse for an horrific practice.

That the Ministre de la Culture de France would have any part in this sort of thing warrants, IMO, his dismissal. This is public, not private behavior.

It is becomeing more evident to me that Fred is a very troubled and disturbed individual. He seems to live in an unreality, where actions have no consequences, where one never has to assume responsibility.

Knowing these films were out there, along with his "confessions" in his book, he should have never put himself in the public, political domain. He has left himself, and the government he represents open to ridicule and shame. When a public person puts his private life out there, he is held accountable.He sowed the seeds all by himself. It was bound to happen.

I agree with Art. Where is the vetting process?

kirkmc said...

Wow... Hard to find anything to say about this; the whole thing speaks for itself...

meshplate said...

This hasn't yet been picked up by the mainstream media unlike his letter in support of his godson. Although, this certainly adds to the dossier, it doesn't seem any more damaging than his memoirs, or to add anything more. To those who can only see this in terms of party politics, Marine Le Pen will always be the villain only in this affair. We can certainly ask what happened to the vetting process, but it seems the problem here is judgment. Those in the PS who have had the courage to break with party discipline have disingenuously denounced. BHL's latest remarks are just one more example. It's a sad spectacle.

MYOS said...

Is the film describing two boys exploring sexuality or is it meant to please the adult viewer?
THe imdb description is damning but in the link provided by Art, there is a review by Libé:
Libération avait publié une critique de cette série de court-métrages: "le plus éloquent, et sans doute le plus réussi, de ces courts-métrages est le très charmant Mon copain Rachid, qui est certainement le plus inspiré des films jamais tournés sur la question taboue et pourtant brûlante du touche-pipi, rituel garçonnier dont Barassat parvient à transmettre l'humour, l'innocence, la gravité et la fraîcheur, tout en le troublant de questions malaisantes (a-t-on ou non affaire à une forme de prostitution lorsqu'un gamin en paye un autre pour lui lustrer la nouille?)".

Is it possible the FN might have been right?
About "La mauvaise vie", there was a definite confusion they create and I do think they were wrong to associate Mitterrand with paedophilia.
I do believe his stance on Polanski was both institutionally and morally wrong. But here I'm stumped.

Unknown said...

Well obviously, name recognition was a whole lot more important than vetting. Incidentally, François Mitterrand, our late President, never had any consideration for his nephew who, incidentally as well, has never, ever, been a socialist and who sufferred much obviously, though how, I do not know. At least naive me at last knows why I couldn't stand him in the seventies when he was running that bobo cinema-cum-cafe in the 14th district: it was instinct, I guess.

Anonymous said...

None of this comes as a surprise to anyone who has peeped behind the curtain of French private life. The last time I was in Paris the newspaper kiosks selling dirty mags and books had large posters with pornographic images and slogans such as "Masturbe-toi, fillete!" Unlike the "Anglo-Saxons" the French have a long cultural history of celebrating sex, be it straight or gay, and the age of the love/sex object is of less concern than in some other countries. As for sex tourism abroad, recall Andre Gide in North Africa, du Camp and Flaubert in Egypt, Houellebecq's best-selling novel. The "Rachid" film does not depict illegal sex between someone over the age of consent and someone under it. It shows one apparently pre-pubescent boy around 10-12 and his older pubescent Arab friend around 16. Developmental psychologists would tell you that this sort of penis curiosity and fascination is normal at that age. Making a film about it, with a Wagnerian soundtrack, is certainly odd and understandably repulsive to some people. But is it so much different from the critically-acclaimed, sticky-fingered nymphet voyeurism of Eric Rohmer ("Claire's Knee?"). Is it more offensice and exploitative than Gaspar Noe's horrific rape film Irreversible? Taken in the context of French culture generally, Mitterand's boy-love and soft-core cinematography is not wildly eccentric or without precedent. But it underscores a rather disturbing aspect of France's vaunted exceptionalism.

MYOS said...

Actually, thinking about it, is there any kind of vetting process applied to choosing ministers (d'ouverture or otherwise) in France, or is it whoever the president or the prime minister like best? Can a minister be revoked (has it happened a minister was forced to quit)?

barassat said...

My name is philippe Barassat and i'm the author of the short movie "mon copain Rachid" That is illegaly presented on various sites on the web. You can see the movie in his original version, freely on my site Pour mémoire, this film has been helped by the Centre national du cinéma francais through a "prix à la qualité", he won many festival, and especially in the US, got the fist prize at th New york Festival. This movie has had unanimous critics positive alover the world and been presented in many countries on many televisions.
Thank you for redirecting the "clip" on the legal site:

Philippe Barassat

Alessandra said...

"I agree with Art. Where is the vetting process?"

Vetting process?! It's France, for crying out loud! Reportedly, it was the First Lady who wanted Mitterrand in the government. Plus, he has a homosexual mindset. The latter currently confers him a sacrosanct status in France. He is untouchable.

As the other minister proclaimed after the TV interview, "the case is closed." There is nothing to see here, folks, move along. Go back to the fromage and the wine, the witch hunt and the horrible invasion of privacy must stop.

And the majority of French people are only too happy to oblige.

Anonymous said...

Je suis français et je parle vraiment très mal anglais. Désolé.

Cette affaire est ignoble, c'est une véritable honte pour la France. Le gouvernement de Sarkozy mène notre pays à sa perte.

Mais certains luttent,et lutteront toujours pour que la France survivent à cet outrage. Marine Le Pen a dénoncé cette ignominie, et nous sommes beaucoup à la suivre pour qu'enfin les vrai valeurs moral triomphent.

Le combat est dur, ingrat, les "élites" étant toutes plus corrompues les unes que les autres. Nous sommes traité des pires injures, trainés dans l'ordure pour vouloir redonner ces lettres de noblesse à un pays que nous aimons comme une mère. Nous vaincrons.

Merci de votre attention, vos messages sont un baume pour nos coeurs.

Et que vive la France éternelle!

Cincinna said...

I'm glad Art posted his comments and links to the film. I don't see why he is apologetic because others, like Marine le Pen have condemned it as well.

Marine le Pen is an odious figure, just like her father, but don't shoot the messenger! Even a broken clock is right twice a day

I had my husband watch the video to get a guy's opinion. He concurred with my observations that it is his opinion that it meets Justice Potter Stewart's dictum, "I can't define pornography, but I know it when I see it"

If the author had any other intent, he should have known this would be snapped up by an audience interested in watching homo erotic images of young boys.

Now that Mitterrand has made his private compulsions and axts public, one can see why he did the voice over for his friend's "art" film.

There seem to be more than one version of the film available. My guess would be there are more. One for public media, one for the movies, and another for a special audience.