Saturday, October 24, 2009

Political Dynasties

Bernard Girard offers some very interesting reflections on political dynasties in democracies.


meshplate said...

Um, sounds plausible and democratically acceptable that electors in a open election can transfer their affections from one love-object to another if the second is closely related by blood or marriage to the first. However Jeannot's case was not like this. He was going to be shoed in by a bunch of local UMP representatives. That is cronyism.

James C said...

A healthy (or rather unhealthy) chunk of our political class in Ireland are part of elected dynasties, so I offer a couple of points of dynasty trivia.
our current PM, deputy PM and finance minister all won their fathers' parliamentary seats in by-elections.

More impressive was the government of 1973-77, in which the PM, foreign minister and Attorney-General were the sons of the people who held the same posts 50 years earlier.