Wednesday, October 14, 2009


They say that Sarah Palin wears glasses in order to look more, umm, substantial. Apparently Jean Sarkozy has been relooké by Palin's handlers. New haircut too. Too bad. His hair was his best feature, and it gave him a certain princely heir-apparent look.

He also has an admirer: Laurence Parisot (h/t BT). Prince Hal needed a Falstaff. Now he has one, albeit pint-sized.


kirkmc said...

Yea, but, before, he looked like a kid. Now he looks more serious.

And a lot fo people won't recognize him any more. :-)

meshplate said...

Where are BHL and Finkielkraut? Why aren't they rushing to petit Jean's aid with their "he is acting within the law" argument since they would seem to be on firmer ground with him than with Fredo. A bit of consistency please?

Can't help but see the arrogance of the father in the son: a complete refusal to see that anyone else has a legitimate point of view and that he is absolutely irréprochable. George W had the same sense of self-assured entitlement based on nothing. A bit of humility please?

Cincinna said...

My opinion on this matter is let the people decide. If they vote him in, so be it, if they don't, it was legally within the Law

Re:Sarah Palin. How fun it is to trash Sarah at every turn, but if you look at photos of Sarah even as a young girl and teenager, she always wore glasses.

MYOS said...

Cincinna, the people aren't voting - it's his father's friends or minions who are. The vote pretty much means nothing. A guy already gave his seat up so he could be candidate and was rewarded with a job on Conseil Economique et Social.
Plus, honestly, anyone with a UMP sticker can get elected in the Conseil Général des Hauts de Seine.

Jean Sarkozy has his song (written before but now made topical due to the pictures)
Birenbaum references "Working class hero"

Luc Chatel forgot he headed the Department of Education and won a godwin point as government spokesperson:

Cincinna said...

Almost every French President from le General de Gaulle to Jacques Chirac has placed his son or daughter in a high position.Where was the criticism then?

This anti-Sarko obsession is unproductive. It is irrational and ultra partisan.

Let Jean Sarkozy prove himself or fail. He seems to be a very popular, likeable, amiable, and talented politician. Many say even more so than his father at the same age.