Monday, October 19, 2009

Tel père, tel fils

Top: Jean at 22. Bottom: Nicolas at 21.


MYOS said...

The top picture did not load.

Listened to Aphatie this morning and was surprised when the guest, Fred Lefebvre, said that the press and the media were conspiring against Nicolas and Jean Sarkozy, that they were making it all up and pretended it mattered when in fact nobody except the blood-thirsty wolves care. He came very close to advocating press censorship. Aphatie wrote a very long blog post about it:

Around me, beside work and the French soccer team, Jean Sarkozy is the #1 topic, even from conservatives.

Unknown said...

top picture does not load indeed. Soo, yes, from memory, they look incredibly alike.

Unknown said...

OK, redid the young Sarko photo, I hope it loads now.

MYOS said...

it does - thanks!

Pretty amazing, inded. Although Sarkozy senior did not try to be CEO of the biggest business conglomerate in Europe at age 23. He probably wished he could, and so, bam, vicarious wish-fulfillment.