Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Territorial Reform

This isn't the splashiest of dossiers, but it can potentially save the state a lot of money and improve the efficiency of government. I can't comment on the details: it would take weeks to sort them all out, and I'm afraid it's just too boring to try. Of course waste, inefficiency, and corruption thrive on boredom, which is why this type of reform is potentially so productive--though of course it has the potential to produce even more waste, inefficiency, and corruption if it's poorly designed. Perhaps someone out there has clearer thoughts than mine.

This is where Sarkozy demonstrates his indefatigable stamina. Another president might leave the nuts and bolts of governance reform to, say, his prime minister. Not Sarko. He's right there on the front lines himself. And by the way, who is his prime minister again?

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