Thursday, October 22, 2009

Whaddaya know?

Jean Sarkozy renonce à la présidence de l'EPAD

Après plusieurs jours de polémique, le fils du président de la République a annoncé jeudi sur France 2 qu'il renonçait à se présenter à la présidence de l'Etablissement public d'aménagement de la Défense.


Anonymous said...

you mean he got a haircut for nothin'? poor guy

meshplate said...

I love the fact this arrogant twerp has the nerve to say that he is humble. A perfect example of la langue de bois and la mauvaise foi.

Anonymous said...

the topics of Elysian nepotism and the misery of university teachers brings me to mind a not-so-distant scandale

which is perhaps all to say that copinage, pistonage and nepotinage are alive and well. but I think it's always been that way. the manoeuvring of Sarkozy père for Sarkozy fils stands out due to the high profile position. Had he simply been given a behind-the-scenes influential position, maybe there'd be no brouhaha.
A good deal of politics for the practioners of politics is who you know. Family ties make access easier, but it always falls to individual to make a mark for him/herself.
Notable examples like the Bushes & Kennedys tend to support the idea that dynastic successors tend to be fukc-ups. Like Mitterand's and Thatcher's sons - sure, they worked outside the political election circuit but my god were they utter 'tards

Chris P.

Cincinna said...

As Art has pointed out in his previous post Sarko Jr has again shown that he is a very gifted politician,
He performed his retreat with grace and dignity.

My feeling is that is was planned this way all along. He had no choice but to withdraw. By letting it go this far he succeeded in getting himself known to all around the world, getting his name and photo on every news source in Europe and the US, including the Drudge Report. With all eyes on Junior, he could demonstrate to an enormous audience his obvious interpersonal and political skills, as well as his persona, tres sympa.

That is but one of the reasons why Sarko pere is the most gifted politician of his generation. Always looking to the future, he plays politics for the long haul, as a chess game, with his mind playing out all the combinations and possible moves, far ahead of any moves his opponents might think of.