Thursday, November 12, 2009

"All Politics Is Local"

Admirers of the late Tip O'Neill, the author of the adage "all politics is local" as well as the Congressional representative of my own Eighth Massachusetts District for so many years, will appreciate this stylish règlement de comptes from Montreuil, where, by the sound of it, local politics is practiced with all the subtlety for which O'Neill, the Irish Machiavelli, was famous.

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Anonymous said...

Tip O'Neill's "Man of the House" is a great auto-biography/political memoir.

I remember an anecdote - he went on vacation to Ronald Reagan's home in the Californian backwoods. And the then-president would spend frickin' hours chopping wood! Tip was wiped out! Now they were two gentlemen, Reagan and O'Neill, I tell you.

Chris P.