Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bruni and Allen

Not Burns and Allen but Bruni and Allen: Carla has agreed to play in Woody's film. But it's this phrase that will no doubt grab headlines in France: "Quand je serai grand-mère, je voudrais avoir fait un film avec Woody Allen." We await announcement of the blessed event.


Cincinna said...

I'm sure the French would be thrilled for Sarko and Carla if they were expecting a child.

But Carla can become a grandmother by her son Aurelian, born from an "alliance" with Raphael Enthoven, the son of her longtime live in lover. Raphael was also married at the time to Justine, daughter of BHL. Kind of incestuous, n'est-ce pas? Perhaps that is what intrigues the morally questionable Woody Allen, who cannot find an audience for his films in America since he had an affair and took naked pictures of the underage daughter of his common law wife and mother of his child, Mia Farrow.

Unknown said...

Carla will have to wait a bit if she wants to become a grandmother by her son with Enthoven, however. I think he's well under the age of ten!