Sunday, November 8, 2009


Sarko at the Berlin Wall in 1989.
Carla Bruni teams up with Harry Connick Jr. And other Sarkogossip. UPDATE: And what if Sarko's memory is faulty?


Cincinna said...

Lennon/McCartney have nothing to fear.

Cincinna said...

Re: Berlin Wall Commemoration.

Give credit where credit is due. Sarko is showing himself a true supporter of Europe, of Freedom and Democracy. He will attend the ceremonies, along with all our other NATO allies.

Commemorating one of the greatest moments in human history for Liberty and against Tyranny, Sarko joins almost every other pro-European, pro-Democracy leader.

Missing from the ceremonies will be one Barack Obama. Obama has shown little sensibility or cultural affinity for our European friends and allies, our oldest and closest allies, for European culture, and for the future of Post-Communist Europe.

Regrettably, Obama's interests seem to lie elsewhere.

MYOS said...

I can't tell whether Cincinna is speaking in earnest or tongue-in-cheek.

Looks like the person who gave the pictures and told the story was wrong by one day: when they arrived in the late afternoon, people had arrived at the wall to cross... and the news was given after 8pm (we've been seeing the broadcast).

This is what he says:
Dans une interview accordée il y a quelques semaines à TV5 Monde, Juppé assurait se trouver à Berlin "le 10 ou le 11 novembre".
Dans ce témoignage vidéo, plus récent, mis en ligne sur Dailymotion par la ville de Bordeaux, Juppé évoque "le 9 novembre". Souci de se mettre à l'unisson de la version de Sarkozy ?
Dernière version : dans une biographie non-officielle de Juppé, retrouvée par notre confrère du Figaro Benjamin Ferran, Juppé se serait trouvé à Berlin...le 16 novembre, soit plusieurs jours après l'événement. Ferran met également en ligne une réaction de Juppé à Antenne 2, datée du 10 novembre 1989, et ne faisant aucune mention d'un voyage à Berlin.
And also:

MYOS said...

OOPs I wanted to link the Figaro article handling this delicate and crucial matter:

Cincinna said...

My comments about Lennon/McCartney were tongue in cheek. My comments about Sarko and Obama dead serious.

Re: Berlin Wall Commemoration.
Clearly, you look for every opportunity to trash Sarko, even when he did the right thing.

Barack Obama was absent from today's celebrations. He sent the usual self glorifying video of himself reading some speech off a TelePromTer. The sound was recorded in reverb, which he now regularly uses to emphasize his Sermon from the Mount significance.

Obama never mentioning the people who were actually responsible for the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of Communist domination of Eastern Europe, Obama rewrites History for his own ends.

No mention of Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Lech Walesa,or Pope John Paul II who led the way.

Just a totally misplaced glorification of his own image pretending that the fall of the Wall was responsible for a man of African ancestry to become POTUS.

The arrogance of this man knows no limits!

MYOS said...

End of the story:

I guess Cincinna's point is that Sarko was there and Obama wasn't. Which we'll all admit is the key point here.

Cincinna said...

Do the french and other Europeans feel insulted and dissed that Obama was "too busy" to show up for the mass celebration commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall?

We were all particularly stunned that in his pre-recorded video, he never mentioned Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher, who were the key people responsible.

Unknown said...

Cincinna, Give it a rest. You've been free enough in accusing others of suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome. I'd say you have a pretty bad case of ODS.

MYOS said...

Schneiderman has a recap and points to an interesting issue: cabinet members reconstructing history so that the leader's word is not doubted (he thinks it the worse-case scenario as far as I can tell.) I think that people just don't remember precisely what they were doing when, although making things up is pretty pathetic for a head of state. "prendre son désir pour la réalité" :)

Cincinna said...

Art, I respect your opinion,and feel you are open minded and objective about most things.

The Fall of the Berlin Wall was a major event, Earth changing event for the people of Europe. A major news story for France, Europe, and the US. The fact that the POTUS chose to stay away is signicant, and warrants questioning.

There have been many news stories from papers around the world covering it. It isn't any derangement syndrome on my part. Just facts about Obama turning a deaf ear to Europe, Europeans, and the end of Communism . Obama is President of the US and there is no excuse for his no show.

Just a few of the articles about this. Many others from India, Australia, and other news sources

~At Berlin Wall fall celebration, old allies ask where is Obama?
Christian Science Monitor

~Berlin Wall blunder - It's not only shameful - but dangerous
New York Post

~Not enough about him? Barack Obama skips Berlin Wall ceremonies
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~Barack Obama’s shameful absence from Berlin: Four Key Reasons why the President stayed away
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