Friday, November 20, 2009

Confusion in Europe

There seems to be some confusion about the new EU president, or president of the European Council, or whatever his title is (that's the first confusion). The second is the pronounciation of his name:

À l'heure des people et de la confusion des genres, M. Van Rompuy (prononcer «rommpeuil») offre un charme plutôt suranné.

Mr. Van Rompuy (pronounced ROM-pow), 62, an economist, has been Belgium’s prime minister for less than a year.

Mr. Rompuy writes haiku. A sample:

“A fly zooms, buzzes; Spins and is lost in the room; He does no one harm.”

Oy, vey. The Times:

Mr. Van Rompuy, who likes bowling duckpins and writing haiku, has earned respect for calming ethnic tensions in Belgium in his 11 months as prime minister. Someone who met him recently described him as intelligent and humorous, but “timid.”

And how do we square this with the description of Rompuy as a ruthless opportunist, which I quoted yesterday from Le Figaro? Does anybody know anything about this guy?

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Passerby said...

On your political blog, soccer prompted much more comments than Mr. Rompuy.

This silence, seems to indicate that, indeed, nobody knows anything about this guy.