Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Identity Debate Truqué?

See here.


MYOS said...

How unsurprising.

Birenbaum's "feint" hits the mark.

How sad, though: If the French could finally define themselves for what they are - multicultural, multihued, bound together by a love of public services and public schools and secularism ;) - they might be able to accept that being French isn't "having a grandparent who worked the land".
A historian reminds us that even in 1930, only 7 out of over 41 million French lived "from the land", even though half of them lived in small towns.
Henri Guaino's watched La gloire de mon père one time too many and should start reading Realms of Memory. :p

MYOS said...

In the meanwhile, it is "okay" to give a verbal whipping in front of 200 elected officials to the sole Black French member of the government?
(cf. Art's post 2 days ago! Now, the execution has started in earnest.)