Thursday, November 26, 2009

Industry-Research Jolly-Ups

Back when I was a wee lad and student at MIT, I attended a few events at Radcliffe known as "jolly-ups." This was local student argot for what were elsewhere known as "mixers": opportunities for boy to meet girl et ainsi de suite. It seems that Valérie Pécresse has decided to organize Web-based jolly-ups where eager industrialists can couple up with research teams in search of a partner. Can't hurt, I guess, although my recollection of those student mixers is that there were relatively few successful matches, a lot of hopeful wallflowers, and a pecking order in which the winners were those who probably would have done just as well without the institutional intermediary.

Can't hurt to try, though--right?

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satchmo said...

And as everyone knows, la Pécresse is full of helpful innovations!

The best representation of her I've seen was in the "Fac Off" video last spring.