Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's Not Just Rama Yade

Sarko and company are mightily ticked off by rumbling opposition within the ranks. And it isn't just Rama Yade who's getting the back of the hand (Fillon let her have it, apparently: h/t MYOS). Sarko let Jean-Pierre Raffarin know just what he thought of his disloyalty. It's good to know that the tough talk is not just for young women.


meshplate said...

If Sarko fires Yade it will surely be cutting off his nose to spite his face. She is the most popular politician in France. If he does is after the regionales, that kind of manipulation will make him since further than ever in the polls. Keeping Mitterand and firing Yade would just be bad politics and minable.

Unknown said...

He's not going to fire her. In fact, he calmed things down in the classic manner by recommending that the issue on which she disagrees with the government be submitted to further "study"

Unknown said...

you could be right. It is striking in fact that Fillon's departure for instance was announced so many times and never happened. Sarkozy, the last government changes notwithstanding, does give the impression of not liking to change personnel. I suspect that he is the ultimate "political animal": keep whoever is useful politically, competent or not. Yade must be useful with an important segment of the electorate that Sarkozy did not carry in the presidential election, whereas he had carried the electorate with north-african roots. Welcome to rac(ial)e politics, err sorry, politics of race. Nadine on the other hand caters to the South-East electors with unresolved issues of national identity, if you follow my drift (she's very quick to sue, beware). Also useful.