Friday, November 13, 2009

Sen, Stiglitz, Fitoussi, Hall, Lamont

There will be no blogging this afternoon because I will be attending a conference at Harvard. The session will bring together Amartya Sen and Jean-Paul Fitoussi, two of the three prime movers behind the Sarkozy-inspired initiative to invent new measures of social success (the practical translation of Henri Guaino's idea of the state as the shaper of "civilization"). They will be joined by Peter Hall and Michèle Lamont, the editors of a recent volume in which a number of scholars ponder the question of how to measure social progress. Readers in the Boston area might find this event interesting. It is open to the public. Details here.

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MYOS said...

what's the worst: wearing a head covering to visit the "temple of the republic", a.k.a the Senate, or a sentor taking a picture of a girl with a head covering?