Saturday, November 28, 2009

Valls Woos Les Gracques

Manuel Valls, looking for a constituency to back his candidacy, tried to woo Les Gracques, a group of center-left high civil servants:

Entre les Verts, le PS, le MoDem ou Villepin, il y a une compétition pour savoir qui incarne politiquement cette alternative. C'est pour ça que je plaide pour qu'on parte des questions de fond.

Interesting to find not only MoDem but even Villepin included in Valls' notion of the rightmost boundary of the Left. This will probably not endear him to the PS, the party he was invited to leave not so long ago by its leader Martine Aubry. Ségolène Royal has similar ambitions--"to build a party stretching from Besancenot to Bayrou," as she put it at Harvard last year--but even she hasn't yet suggested reviving her ENA-era "amourette" with Villepin. That might just be a bridge too far. But Valls has less to lose.

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MYOS said...

Valls once appeared as a "gauche prada" and seems enamored with any mike passing his way, but he is one of the few PS guys who grew up in a ghetto and still works there (albeit as mayor.) I think there's the man and there's the image he tries to build -- and since he is not someone utterly charismatic, he is creating a little niche for himself.
I doubt Les Gracques are/is the solution though.

Some more controversy thrown out there - worth thinking about: