Saturday, November 28, 2009

What's Sarko Up To pre-Copenhagen?

Positioning himself to lambaste Obama, perhaps, but not really advancing the agenda. For a commentary on the Lula-Sarkozy accord and subsequent presidential travels in the name of climate legislation, see here.


Cincinna said...

Sarko's support of climate change/global warming action is a reflection the overwhelming support for this climate change hoax by the French people.

Obama knows he cannot push strongly for this and go against the ovwhelming rejection of this as science by the American people. It is being exposed daily as a fraud and scam, and has less support with each passing day(and e-mail). Somehow, the e-mail scandal has gone totally unreported in the French media.

Nevertheless, Sarko has Obama’s number. He knows that Obama is weak and shallow, and is using the forum at Copenhagen for a hollow photo-op.It is always about him.

I don't think of it as a rivalry or competition. Just one very experienced political leader speaking his mind about the POTUS who is naive, dangerous, and a rank amateur.

Obama is an empty suit, and Sarko has been the first world leader to point out openly that the Emperor has no clothes. He has called him out before.

Leo said...


"..this climate change hoax..."

As we say here, you don't carry your flag in your pocket.

I see some contradiction between your praising Sarko as a very experienced political leader and his support of climate change action. Or maybe your definition of such a leader is one who, for his own aggrandisement, supports causes he does not believe in to placate the People.

If that's the case, it doesn't dovetail well with your moniker: Don't expect Sarko to resign his position like Cincinnatus who went on working his farm leaving behind an example of leadership, civic sense and above all...modesty.

Leo said...


Yesterday at the UMP Conseil National, Sarko said that the Greens were "Écologistes de la décroissance", while UMP were Écologistes who act.

I have his nagging feeling that his trips to the Amazon and the Caribbean were somewhat connected with the coming regional elections.

Unknown said...

Absolutely right. Sarkozy is a brilliant tactician when it comes to divide and conquer. He exploited Europe and constitutional reform and l'ouverture to divide the PS, and now that the Greens are a force to rival the PS on the Left, he is pressing the green agenda hard to peel off green votes in the regionals. Never underestimate Sarkozy the politician.

Unknown said...

Cincinna, It's truly marvelous that you have such a sure sense of the sentiments of the People of both the United States and France. Since the People don't whisper directly in my ear, I tend to express myself more cautiously. In any case, it's certain that my People don't speak to your People, whose sentiments resemble more closely the opinions of your comrades at, where I see you have described my blog as clearly slanted to the left but nevertheless well-informed. I'm pleased to serve the American extreme right as a source of "intelligence," in both senses of the word, even if I'm no doubt regarded there as a "useful idiot." Usefulness is a virtue, and while I don't particularly appreciate being "used" as a platform for bluster disguised as analysis, I suppose that is in the nature of blogging.