Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Aristotle on National Identity

Via Bernard Girard.

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MYOS said...

This story (which I found on le Post) might start an interesting discussion about religion, national identity, tolerance, intolerance, etc :)
Or at least I hope it might interest Art, to whom I wish a very happy New Year :)

I hasten to add that, indeed, in terms of tolerance, what is reported there pretty much seems the best France has to offer, at least the HR guy does not assume the applicant wants to join the janitorial staff; in addition, the matter-of-fact conclusion about a beard being an impossible obstacle for a job rings true ( what about in the US, since this sounds like a high-clearance job? I can't decide.) Company security, worker's safety all sound legitimate. However it also sounds as if this is considered "reasonable grounds" for discrimination. Finally, I don't need much imagination to see colleagues ridiculing both the applicant and the recruiter wild enough to interview a man with religious convictions that he does not try to hide and which are considered dangerous.