Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Can't Leave It Alone

The minarets thing: looks like the UMP can't leave it alone. Nora Berra stormed out of a meeting of UMP deputies today after Pascal Clément said that France would no longer be France when there were more minarets than cathedrals. An interesting idea: it doesn't of course matter that the cathedrals are empty, except for tourists, and have been for decades. As everyone knows, the French by and large don't practice their religion. But nonexistent minarets are apparently still a threat to a French identity based on nonexistent practice. You can hardly blame Muslims for drawing the conclusion that perhaps the attack on the burqa, which J.-F. Copé intends to bring to a vote next month, isn't really about protecting women after all.

The Swiss--in a panic over their four, count them, FOUR minarets--have apparently ignited a fire in France as well, and Marine Le Pen must be rubbing her hands in glee.


Unknown said...

when I went to secondary school in the mid-sixties, I remember distinctly that our teachers told us no one was allowed to display a religious sign of any kind, cross yarmulka and what have you. Any sign must remain hidden, such as a pendentif (or a peace button) must remain inside the shirt or pull-over. I don't know if there was a law or something, but this was the tradition, from the third republic onwards I suppose.

We did have churches, a synagogue and the grand mosk of Paris in my neighbourhood, and no one gave a damn.

I remain attached to both of these things: no signs at school, freedom to worship for everyone - except for sects.

yabonn_fr@hotmail.com said...

ignited a fire in France as well

Soon to be forgotten, just after the elections.

As usual with Sarkozy, the only thing to do is hope his campaigning won't leave too many stains.