Friday, December 18, 2009

Compassionate Conservatism Comes to France

Jean-François Copé, who thinks about becoming president whether he's shaving, showering, or moonlighting in corporate law, is thinking of taking up the "compassionate conservatism" theme. Apparently he's under the impression that it was invented by the British Tories. Or maybe he just wants everyone to forget that it was George W. Bush's campaign theme in 2000: that worked out well, didn't it?

Copé's operative word is fraternité. This is just a variation on the theme of "politics of presence." See my previous post, with its reference to Pierre Rosanvallon's discussion.


satchmo said...

Arthur, where is the concept/discussion concerning "the politics of presence" originating? Is there a locus classicus where it got started, etc? Thanks.

Unknown said...

Rosanvallon relies heavily on: Paul Ricoeur's essay "Le socius et le prochain," some pages of Hannah Arendt's On Revolution, Charles Taylor, "The Politics of Recognition," Axel Honneth, The Struggle for Recognition, Richard Sesnnet, Respect in a World of Inequality, and a range of more empirical studies of the American justice system associated mainly with Tom Tyler. This is pretty disparate material, so there is a good deal of Rosanvallonian synthesis involved.

satchmo said...

Thanks for this information.