Friday, December 4, 2009

Credit Where No Credit Is Due

I wish the Shanghai rankings would just disappear. Sarkozy's ludicrous misuse of them is only the latest of reasons. But there are many others. The president has said that French universities suffer from a lack of evaluation of their results. If this is an example of how he proposes to use evaluation, taking credit for infinitesimal improvements in a dubious ranking for which his reform cannot in any case have been responsible, he would do better to roll dice.


satchmo said...

Indeed. "Gros culot et triple intox" is an appropriate way to put it.

These ratings system are misleading by their nature, feeding the corporate-uni taste for quantification in all matters.

It would perhaps be easier and more straightforward simply to list universities by their total budgets and endowments.

MYOS said...

Let us laugh some more:–-as-its-lived-in-america/

If only credibility were like a Rolex - go to the nearest stored and get the cash out....