Sunday, December 13, 2009

Death of Paul Samuelson

One of the great economists of the past century has died. Funny to learn of it from a French source, when he lived not far from where I do, but such are the ways of communication in the modern world--a connectivity that Samuelson would have been the first to appreciate and no doubt to theorize.

MIT announcement. And Paul Krugman, on "a truly great man."

And from the Times obituary:

His speeches and his voluminous writing had a lucidity and bite not usually found in academic technicians. He tried to give his economic pronouncements a “snap at the end,” he said, “like Mark Twain.” When women began complaining about career and salary inequities, for example, he said in their defense, “Women are men without money.”

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Unknown said...

His classic textbook was the first book I ever read in economics, back in the seventies in France. In fact, that's how I became an economist.