Friday, December 11, 2009

Diversity and the PS

One way for the Socialist Party to respond to the right's move to occupy the ground of "identity" would be to open up its own leadership ranks to greater diversity. But that doesn't seem to be happening. Why not? Is it because the left buys the right's argument that "the French people" are too anxious about their own identity to meet the challenge? Or is it because the PS' own internal power struggles are such a diversion that it is incapable of thinking strategically? I favor the latter interpretation and find some support for my view in this article.

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Anonymous said...

The problem I see with some of the arguments in the article and elsewhere is that the diversity is seen as a due. However, successful politicians don't make it through the ranks and to the top by guilt-tripping party organizations into giving them their positions - ils les arrachent! Look at Rama Yade - typical appointee based on looks, the poster child of diversity. Her predefined role is the political equivalent of eye-candy: "tais-toi et fais la belle personne de couleur". thats what Sarkozy had in mind. But she's got her own will and has a voracious political appetite which will make Sarko admire her more than it'll piss him off. She keeps pissing off her rivals, I say "go on, girl!" Her ego will take her places that Sarko & company never dreamed of for her.

If the PS appoints retards just 'cuz they're from "diverse" backgrounds, it aien't gonna work for them. They'll lose elections and, by the ever-present mechanism of prejudice & association, the token, but weak, candidates of diverse background will make it tougher for talented candidates of diverse background to gain credibility in the eyes of the party's apparatchiks.

The pro-diversity crowd, of diverse background, is on its own and they're gonna have to win the battles inside the party on their own merit. They already know the unwritten rules of conducting intra-party fights & struggles. That is not to say that their lack of success is their own fault alone. Rather, that is to say that if they're to be successful, it'll be mostly of their own doing 'cuz nobody, white black or beur, would give away power out of simple charity.

Look at the US - the Republican Party higher-ups pushed through Michael Steele as the party's CEO in order to "counter" the diversity which Obama represents. But Obama has a genius political mind and is chock full of talent. Michael Steele is a goddam retard and an embarrassment to the GOP, which is a real achievement given the party's recent history of choosing fools.

Chris P.