Friday, December 18, 2009

Fair Play

The UMP really ought to consider nominating footballer Nicolas Anelka to run EPAD or something. He shares the party's view of le bouclier fiscal:

"When you have lived and played abroad, you can never come back to France," he said. "France has a problem with money...
"In Spain and in England, people have big cars and do not hide them. The French hide what they own... That's not my mentality. When you're a football player and you have dreamed of buying a beautiful car, a beautiful house, you do it."
He was asked if he missed anything about France. "Nothing. You can't do what you like in France. I don't want to play football and pay 50 percent tax on what I earn. If some people are shocked, too bad. France is a hypocrite country."


satchmo said...

Génial, c'est du foot bling-bling.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nicolas Anelka on the tax thing...but, its a stretch to say one cannot do what one wants to do in France.
On the other, there is a stigma attached to new money, les nouveaux riches, etc. whereas older, discrete money, if not to say stashed-away-in-Switzerland-money, is more readily acceptable in the eyes of polite company.

Chris P.

James Conran said...

I wonder is Anelka aware of the new UK 50% top rate of tax due in April?