Monday, December 14, 2009

Press Conference

Mon Dieu! What got into Laurent Joffrin? After getting the back of Sarko's hand for asking an impertinent question at the president's first press conference, he plays the role of lackey in the second--and doesn't even play it very well, mumbling and bumbling his way through to a whimpering finish.

As for Sarko's good humor, maybe Joffrin is looking good compared to Marc-Olivier Fogiel, the current journalistic object of the president's wrath.


satchmo said...

That Marianne2 article is very informative. I love the Libé postcard they show toward the bottom, with the unfortunately ironic motto, "L'info est un combat." Too true!

MYOS said...

Sad to think Libération is supposed to be THE leftist paper in France. If you keep in mind Joffrin is its boss, it tells you a lot about the "opposition", free press, and the state of the French media.

If you want serious journalism, read Le Figaro and Mediapart, (each is biased but thorough, so reading both offers a good overview of the news.)

If you want a quick review, Le Post is pretty good.