Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Progressive Right?

And if the Right became the party of progressivism and modernity? If the Left were permanently ringardisée? Could it be happening in Germany? (article in German)


satchmo said...

Interesting (or should I say faszinierend). To take a Wallerstein-style perspective, the breakdown and systemic crisis of long-established Liberal hegemony may well lead to some unexpected alliances and shifts in the near term.

Steven Rendall said...

The question is, I suppose, what corresponds in France to the shift to the center (Obama from the left, Merkel from the right)? Modem claimed that role, but fizzled. Sarkozy has made gestures in that direction("ouverture," endorsing certain traditionally left-wing ideas, leading the PS to scream: "you can't do that! That's *our* issue!")--but is his move more than smoke and mirrors? Can there be a real center in France, a country that seems to be permanently polarized?