Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Raoult Distinguishes Himself Yet Again

Exasperating fellow, M. Raoult.


MYOS said...

Thanks for the article.
It is fascinating - illustrating the point of the "grand débat" and cultural assumptions that go from Raoult to Morano.
Somes sentences I found especially striking:
- Pourquoi Eric Raoult me parle-t-il soudainement de ma propre connaissance des quartiers ? Parce que je suis journaliste ? Non. Parce que je suis arabe.

- (Eric Raoult) ne cache pas que le grand débat sur l'identité nationale est d'abord une opération de communication puisque ce qu'il en retient, c'est que ça s'est « bien passé »

- Ma caméra éteinte, Eric Raoult précise :
« On a une consigne : quand on dit Sarkozy, on répond Georges Frêche. »

Note: Has Raoult EVER led a debate? His statement seems to indicate he hasn't:
"on a abordé les questions tel que le public pouvait les poser, c'est pas nous qui avons orienté le débat. Il y avait des questions prêtes à l'avance, elles n'ont pas été posées (…). Ça montre qu'on a agit en toute transparence."
For those who can't read the article, the "issues" "debated" are the following:
- I feel crowded on the bus, I'm the only White pure-French guy!
- Justice should be harsher with kids who burn cars.
- A comedian said that Sarkozy's France was as bad as Vichy, why does the government let him say such -awful untrue- things?
- Mitterrand is the one who destroyed our national identity.

MYOS said...

Something I'm going to try and read, because their papers are always stimulating.
It's part of the "counter-debate" - Art do you have a paper in it?

Unknown said...

No, alas.

MYOS said...

It's really too bad.

MYOS said...

<Once more, with feeling.
Summary: "Let us nationalize the internets just like the Chinese did, 'cause it's full of rotten stuff."
That "national identity" debate sure had all the idjeets crawl out of the woodwork.