Friday, December 11, 2009

The Political Variety Show Continues

To follow up yesterday's smash hit by the UMP, here's Europe-Ecologie. What's next? Aubry and Hamon as Rogers and Astaire? Besancenot, Royal, and Bayrou as The Rainbow Coalition? Estrosi, Vanneste, and Besson as Les Trois Mages?


MYOS said...

Art, this one was done back in April or May, for the European elections.
It was very popular on youtube or dailymotion.
The Jeunes Pop just copied the idea so that's already a +1 for the EE clip v. the UMP clip.
Other than having an original idea, I find the video much better than the UMP video; the song is snappy, it is relevant to EE's message, the people in it look like they're having fun, not just "going through the motions for those silly youth branch kids", there's no scene in bad taste (such as the girl removing her socialist tee shirt in front of Besson for the UMP video) - it looks like a college project you'd do with your best buds for fun... except, professionally edited.
The problem with the UMP video is that the song is bad, the personalities in it seem to have no rhythm and look like they're just going through the motions .

MYOS said...

Another point of view:

Anonymous said...


Yeah nice clip, musically speaking;but same old same old...
I found the themes aborded in the song to be the same boring complains about the crisis, lack of buying power, rich vs the poor and so on..
Nothing new here on the old socialist front.
It is distressing to see that this party like any left leaning party in France has nothing to offer but the eternal "rengaine(whinning)" rather than solutions and actions.
One could sum it up of defeatism versus positivism, two contradictory attitude splitting french society characterized by the corresponding left leaning parties and the right.
But the games has changed and the socialist parties are virtually going down in flams.
One of the raison, but that's just my own feeling, is that the socialist party is out of fashion, and is going through a structural crisis, much like the National Front, the Ultra Right during this decade.
Both parties boar themes and issues who have no "raison d'etre" anymore, but mainly for the socialist party, is maybe a return to positivism and action, and the realisation that monney doesn't grow on trees and that santa close doesn't other words taxing more and regulating even more the economy is only going to make things worse, with even lower salaries due to high taxes, more deficit because of increased unemployments benefice and therefore less job creation and anemique growth.
The result is that there's a slow awaking to libberalism in France with a tendency to trust economical concept rather than ideologies.
Despite the crisis Sarko seems to be OK, if only he could stop making a fool of himself when it comes to foreign policies, let's hope that we won't give one more time into the socialist desilusion, and that we will have the patice to see the result of sarko actions.