Friday, January 9, 2009

The Contradictions of Anti-Capitalism

Olivier Besancenot may not head the NPA list in the upcoming European elections because he is afraid of winning (which would take just 6.5% of the vote in Ile-de-France) and thus being forced to become an MEP--O! cruelty of democratic institutions--or else resign in favor of a comrade, an expedient he would prefer to avoid. He is also troubled that subscriptions to the NPA are falling short of expectations.

More on les Petits Juges

I expressed concern yesterday about the proposal to replace the juge d'instruction with the juge de l'instruction, which may reduce the independence of the justice system. An anonymous commenter calls attention to four interesting articles on this theme, here, here, here, and here. Two of these articles also indicate why one needs to worry about the independence of state television networks, another point I raised yesterday. Thanks to Anonymous for the leads.

STILL MORE from Eolas here.