Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Justice at the Elysée

Le Monde thinks we ought to know about Patrick Ouart, Sarkozy's legal counsel. Il tutoie le président. He is "feared." He is "in command, perfectly sure of himself and his influence. His enemies hold their tongues." The man "loves the shadows." He "doesn't much care to be talked about."

OK, already, we get the picture. L'éminence grise. The heavyweight behind the scenes. Referred to by his friends as "monsieur le Garde des Sceaux" at the "8:30 meeting of favored advisors at the Elysée." Right. We get it. He has the "horsepower" that Rachida Dati lacked. This is the guy who will get the job done. Whatever that job might be. A man to watch, clearly. To watch very closely indeed, since he "has a stranglehold on everything pertaining to justice at the Elysée": for instance, he "oversees all the twists and turns of the Clearstream affair." Oh, really? Justice, you say? Or is it rather "vengeance is mine, saith the Lord?" He also "manages all cases in which M. Sarkozy deems himself to have been injured." Yes, justice indeed. Justice must be done.

Thy Will as well, My Lord. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.