Monday, February 9, 2009

Trouble in Utopia

Initial signs are that the Leftist Front for which some who situate themselves to the left of the PS were hoping n'aura pas lieu. Here is Jean-Luc Mélenchon's account of his disappointment with the launch of the NPA.

Mubarak Joins Sarkozy

A coup for Sarko: President Mubarak of Egypt has invited him to co-chair a conference on the reconstruction of Gaza. This gives Sarko a major role in another crisis, the sort of international action he craves, and which is his form of escape from intractable domestic difficulties.

Brown and Topolanek Miffed

Britain has frittered away its industrial plant, Sarko suggested in his televised meeting with the press last week. Gordon Brown is not amused. Downing Street has telephoned Paris to remind the French president that industry accounts for 14% of British GDP, not far below the French figure of 16%. Meanwhile, Czech prime minister Topolanek is fuming about Sarko's implicit threat to punish French auto companies that outsource to the Czech Republic, demonstrating the difference between an honest-to-God neoliberal and a neoliberal in sheep's clothing like Sarkozy.

Felix Salmon Defends the ECB ...

... on its incrementalist approach to rate cuts, here.