Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A reader asks ...

A reader tried to post this comment but couldn't:

"Art, What's your take on Jean Quatremer's hypothesis that Sarko mentioned the Czech Republic specifically to send a signal to Topolanek to get serious about a special EU summit that Sarko wanted?

See last paragraph of this.

My answer:

Mmm, wonder what's wrong with Blogger? I saw Quatremer's post yesterday. How does he know? To my mind, Sarko's sally served any number of purposes, and prodding toward the summit was the least of them. The problem is that he's now created an expectation in the unions that he really is going to prevent outsourcing. And look at Volvo's response to his attempt to impose conditions on hiring and firing in Volvo plants in France. "No, thanks, we don't want your aid." Quatremer's view is Eurocentric, and I think Sarko spoke mainly for domestic consumption.